Mixer Keys 2

Global Expansion

A Story of Success

A measured approach yields results - but not so measured as to miss opportunity. Finding the right mix is vital.  After all, whether you are dealing with inventions, designs or branding, the first to move gets the rights. This necessitates acting beyond just your base country, if your ambition is to operate abroad or licence out your rights abroad.  The overseas operation also needs protection. Therefore we encourage and advise our clients to take a global approach, looking beyond just the next quarter's results.
International treaties operate to assist business in protecting their innovations internationally, but they impose strict deadlines for taking the necessary steps.  
Don't fail to act and find a competitor using your innovation in an overseas market. 
This does not mean to protect your rights in every country of the world This is excessively expensive. Instead, our rule of thumb is to be guided by the countries making up the G20. These tend to cover about 90% of the global economy.  You can pick and choose from them and add or substitute, depending on the nature of your market, your funding and product innovation horizons. Ultimately, it will be your mix.